Tennis Nets


When it comes to placing netting on your tennis court, the quality of our tennis nets is unsurpassed.  Made from 1 - 3/4" square mesh braided solid-core polyethylene, these nets can resist countless volleys and can handle any weather elements.

These nets feature vinyl bottom tape and side pockets of headbands are polyester based and won't shrink, mildew or rot when exposed to the outdoors.  The headbands on each net feature a lock-sewn design using four rows of #32 white polyester thread.


  • Constructed using either double thick 100% polyester, durable polyester web or vinyl-coated polyester
  • Vinyl bottom tap and side pockets
  • 1/2" fiberglass side dowels
  • Lock-sewn headbands
  • Meet or exceed all USTA requirements
  • Up to 325 lb. break strength
  • 5-Year Warranty

Professional Nets
Model Weight MSRP Price
20045 - TN45
48 oz. $345 USD
$430 CAD


Championship Nets
Model Weight MSRP Price
30036T - TN36 (tapered)
65 oz. (20 oz/sq. yd.) $257 USD
$320 CAD

30038TD - TN-36DMT (Tapered)
65 oz. (20 oz/sq. yd.)
$289 USD
$360 CAD

30060 - TN-28DM n/a $273 USD
$340 CAD


Tournament Nets
Model Weight MSRP Price
30029 - TN-30
32 oz/sq. yd. $200 USD
$250 CAD

30030 TN-30DM (tapered)
65 oz. (20 oz/sq. yd.)
$257 USD
$320 CAD



Centre Straps and Anchors

Keeping your tennis netting on centre takes not only the proper measurements but also the proper accessories.  Browse our selection of fully-adjustable centre straps and pipe anchors to keep your nets centred and securely in place.


Adjustable Centre Straps
Model Configuration MSRP Price
Velcro $14 USD
$17 CAD

Double-Ended Snap
$14 USD
$17 CAD

Swivel Loop Bolt Snap
$14 USD
$17 CAD


Centre Pipe Anchor

Model Material MSRP Price
1.9" OD Galvanized Steel $17 USD
$21 CAD



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