Bike Lockers


Model CS2-P Polyethylene
Bike Locker

As facility directors and building managers are always looking for new and innovative ways to promote increased bike usage, SSCI has responded by offering a line of secure and user-friendly bike lockers. These lockers are also tested and designed to withstand four seasons of weather, keeping your bicycle safe and protected.

Our lockers are used by municipalities, transit authorities, private companies, hospitals, universities and colleges. Contact us today and we will optimize a layout to suit your facility. 

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* Minimum order quantity of 2 units (4 bikes) *

  • Holds 2 bicycles per unit
  • One-piece body design
  • 5/8" double wall construction
  • Integral internal framework and ribbings in walls, roof & floor
  • U-channel wall reinforcements
  • U.V. stabilized, graffiti, vandal, abrasion and fire-resistant polyethylene
  • Diagonal partition is made of external grade sealed OSB
  • Crowned roof to shed water
  • Vented doors
  • Choice of 5 standard colours
  • Allows more bikes to be stored in a reduced footprint
  • No assembly required on site, no seams or gaps keeps water & debris out while prohibiting vandals to use pry bars
  • Provides unsurpassed strength & rigidity
  • Units can withstand over 225 lbs. per sq. ft. on top and 60 lbs. per sq. ft. on sides & door
  • Polyethylene has a high impact resistance making it nearly impossible to dent
  • Polyethylene is highly chemical- & corrosion-resistant
  • Paint, markers and glue will not adhere to its surface
  • Polyethylene does not heat up and provides excellent ventilation & insulation
  • 100% of polyethylene is recyclable material
  • Can be used individually or in linear fashion
  • Locks can be pop out t-handles or high security Medeco locks
  • Locks can be individually keyed or master keyed
  • Number plates
  • Accessory hooks

Flanged Surface Mount: Proprietary surface mounted leveling and anchoring system secured by steel anchor bolts possessing a maximum vertical adjustment of 5 inches. Units can level a maximum of 5 vertical inches.


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