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 Planners, landscape architects and facility managers recognize the growing role that cycling plays in our communities. We have responded by delivering innovative bike racks that address security, maintenance and aesthetic concerns. Choose between our Thunderbolt Series Bike Rack, Sidewinder Series Bike Rack and Lightning Bolt Bike Racks, all of which offer variations in style, functionality and layout. 

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Thunderbolt Series Bike Rack



  • Traditional serpentine-style design
  • Stout 2-3/8" OD schedule 40 steel pipe loop construction
  • Rack stands 36" tall
  • Available in hot-dipped galvanized or powder coated
  • Can be surface mount or in-ground
  • Available in sizes 3 to 17 bike capacity


Model Capacity Length MSRP Price
TB 5-F-P 5-bike capacity, surface mount 36" x 38" $714 CDN
$575 USD
TB 7-F-P 7-bike capacity, surface mount 36" x 62" $942 CDN
$758 USD
TB 9-F-T 9-bike capacity, surface mount 36" x 86" $1,169 CDN
$942 USD

Sidewinder Series 



  • Constructed from 2-3/8” OD schedule 40 steel pipe
  • Hangers are constructed from ¾” heavy duty solid round bar
  • All joints are continuous mig welds for strength and durability
  • Standard Hot-dipped galvanized finish, optional powder coat finish available
  • Can be in ground, surface mount or free standing
  • Available in sizes 6 to 14 Bike Capacity
Model Capacity Dimensions MSRP Price
SW 6-F-P 6-bike capacity, surface mount 83”Lx33”Hx30”W $1,232 CDN
$992 USD
SW 8-F-P 8-bike capacity, surface mount  102”Lx33”Hx30”W $1,439 CDN
$1,158 USD
SW 10-F-P 10-bike capacity, surface mount  121”Lx33”Hx30”W $1,708 CDN
$1,375 USD

Lightning Bolt Series



  • Designed to solve many of the problems inherent to bicycle racks on the market today.
  • The LR Series provides contact with the bikes at 3 points and enables the cyclist to lock both the front tire and frame to the rack using the popular “U” lock
  • Perpendicular racks require 6’ depth from front to the back of the bike for areas where aisle space is limited
  • Standard hot-dip galvanized, optional powder coat finish
  • Constructed from extra heavy .188 wall square tubing with .75” solid bar loops
  • Free Standing or surface mount
Model Capacity Dimensions MSRP Price
LR-P4-F-P  4-bike Capacity, surface mount  89.5”Lx27.5”Hx25”W $900 CDN
$725 USD
LR-P5-F-P  5-bike Capacity, surface mount   112”Lx27.5”Hx25”W  $1,107 CDN
$892 USD
LR-XP4-F-P  4-bike Capacity, double sided surface mount  49.5”Lx27.5”Hx38”W $900 CDN
$725 CDN
LR-XP6-F-P  6-bike capacity, double-sided surface mount  72”Lx27.5”x38”W  $1,128 CDN
$908 USD

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