Arena Bleachers


Whether a small local arena or a large spectator facility, we have a variety of seating solutions to suit your budget & requirements. SSCI offers consultation on new builds or renovations. We also have great ideas for taking your existing facility to the next level by upgrading. Below are just a few of the options available for arenas. Typical systems feature a hot-dip galvanized steel framework and a variety of seating options.




 Angle Frame Bleachers

  • Welded steel framework
  • Hot dipped galvanized after fabrication
  • Rigid aluminum extrusions for decking
  • NBC code compliant  
  • Durable long lasting system
  • Semi-closed and closed-deck design prevents debris from collecting beneath the unit
  • Systems can be configured to accomodate penalty boxes, dasher board doors and column cut-outs
  • No corrosion
  • Closed deck
  • Multiple seat finishes
  • Custom engineering
  • Powder coating
  • Custom row spacing and rises
  • Accessible seating platforms and ramp configurations

When refurbishing an existing concrete riser, existing bleacher system or looking at a whole new system, there are many seat finishes available.


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