Highway Towable Bleachers


These thoroughly tested and proven bleachers feature rugged durability combined with fast, simple operation and set up.  Not only are these systems weather-resistant, heavy-duty and come in a variety of configurations and seating capacities, they are easily towable and can be set up by one person with their push-button hydraulic operation.

The combined convenience and simplicity of these highway towable bleacher systems brings a whole new level of professionalism and participation to any sporting or spectator event.  See below for features, options and available models. 


  • 8, 10, 12 and 15 row seating available
  • Extensive use of aluminum provides reduced weight for easier towing & less surface impact
  • 24" horizontal row spacing
  • Aluminum bench style seating or premium individual seats available
  • Concealed hinge points
  • Push-button hydraulic operation for one-person set up
  • Self-stowing over-centre design
  • Weather resistant outdoor construction and materials
  • Standard bleachers meet IBC 2009 and NBC 2010 code requirements as well as DOT highway towing requirements
  • Guardrails automatically fold and unfold with main bleacher
  • Adjustable jacks can be used on soft and/or uneven surfaces
  • Footboards are one-piece and extra wide to reduce flexing and increase walking stability  

TSP Series Mobile Grandstand Bleachers 

MODEL Rows Capacity Length Depth
TSP8-112 8 93 22'1" (6.73m) 15'6" (4.73m)
TSP8-144 8 125 28'1" (8.56m) 15'6" (4.73m)
TSP10-180 10 156 28'1" (8.53m) 19'6" (5.94m)
TSP10-260 10 236 40'1" (12.19m) 19'6" (5.94m)
TSP10-300 10 276 46'1" (14.02m) 19'6" (5.94m)

Options & Accessories

Safety & Convenience:

  • Glowing step tread & handrail markers provide extra safety at night time and during low-light events
  • A modified first seating row provides wheelchair users integrated seating, enhancing accessibility
  • Attach points & structure modifications allow for the easy addition of a sun canopy
  • A wireless remote allows the operator to stand where ever optimum view is afforded and eliminates the standard control pendant & cable
  • Solar Maintenance Charger & Battery Conditioner extends the performance and life of the bleacher battery used for hydraulics to open and close grandstands
  • In the case that a location can only be accessed from one direction, bleachers can have the option to reverse opening from the driver side to the passenger side

Jack & Leveling:

  • Hydraulically Powered Leveling Jacks replace standard crank support frame-mounted jacks for push-button leveling
  • Fixed Position Crank Jacks are heavy duty, non-pivoting and feature a drop leg for additional jack travel with faster adjustment & less cranking
  • Drill Jack Crank fits a 1/2" drill chuck and expedites bleacher set up even further  


  • Ball Coupler comes with a choice of 5/16" or 2" sizes in exchange for the standard pintle coupler
  • Goose-Neck Fifth-Wheel Hitch provides increased towing stability and is includes adjustable height fifth-wheel coupler
  • Spare Tire and rim for TSP mobile bleacher is also available

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