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SSCI boasts a range of transportable bleacher units which can be easily moved around by maintenance vehicles for quick relocation within your grounds and parks. Standard permanent angle-frame bleachers may be retrofitted with tow kits when the need arises. Bleachers with a forklift pocket kit can be easily lifted and maneuvered by vehicles with forks. Contact us today to discuss how these versatile systems can be incorporated into your seating plan.     

Agricultural societies, parks departments and private facilities alike, have come to find the benefits of being able to quickly turn their facility into the most functional configuration for their constantly changing needs. 

Bleachers FAQ


Bleachers with Tow Kits

Any of our standard outdoor angle-frame, 5-row bleachers can be made towable with our easy bolt-on tow kits. They are available for all our standard lengths of 12', 15', 18' and 21'. These tow kits contain bracing to strengthen the bleacher for towing, leaving less room for any bowing or dragging, thus making it easy to have seating at the horse ring one night, and at the grandstand the next. When a tow kit is purchased, you will require the wheel & tongue kit. This can be purchased for each bleacher with a tow kit, or to be more economical, one wheel & tongue kit can be used on multiple bleachers.

The following bleacher tow kits all include lateral bracing, axle housing, tongue receiver & all hardware required to convert your bleachers to towable units. One kit required per bleacher.

5-Row Kits

Model Fits Bleacher Bleacher Length Price (ea.)
BL-5TB-12TK BL-5TB-12DR 12' $730 CAD
BL-5TB-15TK BL-5TB-15DR 15' $730 CAD
BL-5TB-18TK BL-5TB-18DR 18' $762 CAD
BL-5TB-21TK BL-5TB-21DR 21' $835 CAD

4-Row Kits

Model Fits Bleacher Bleacher Length Price (ea.)
BL-4TB-12TK BL-4TB-12DR 12' $657 CAD
BL-4TB-15TK BL-4TB-15DR 15' $657 CAD
BL-4TB-18TK BL-4TB-18DR 18' $756 CAD
BL-4TB-21TK BL-4TB-21DR 21' $819 CAD

3-Row Kits

Model Fits Bleacher Bleacher Length Price (ea.)
BL-3TB-12TK BL-3TB-12DR 12' $578 CAD
BL-3TB-15TK BL-3TB-15DR 15' $578 CAD
BL-3TB-18TK BL-3TB-18DR 18' $709 CAD
BL-3TB-21TK BL-3TB-21DR 21' $809 CAD


Wheel & Tongue Kit

One of these kits can be used on multiple bleachers; just remove and put onto the next one to tow. Alternatively for convenience, you can opt to purchase more for quicker hook-ups & mobilization.

BL-WTK: $835 CAD each

Fork Pocket Kits

SSCI responds with another industry leading solution! These kits are another versatile option for moving your bleachers around your grounds. This application applies to event organizers who must rapidly reconfigure their seating arrangements by means of forklift, telehandler or tractor with fork attachments. These systems contain standard fork pockets and all required bracing to ensure system rigidity during transport and handling. These versatile units are very popular among fairground, rodeo and festival customers who have limited time to redeploy seating between location or specific events. 

NOTE: these kits are currently available on 5-tier x 12’ long bleachers (Model BL-5TB-12DR) at this time. A minimum order of 5 kits is required for standard pricing. Additional pricing will apply to orders of less than 5 kits. Please call for information.

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