A hybrid sport mixing elements of badminton, ping pong and tennis, pickleball is rapidly expanding and becoming a favourite pastime for players of all ages. Played on a badminton or converted tennis court, the game features a lowered net, specialized paddles and balls but takes much of the rules from the game of tennis.





Pickleball Posts

Constructed of heavy-gauge steel, our pickleball posts are built to withstand unlimited play, the test of time and the elements. Manufactured to sit 36" above ground level, these posts are internally wound, include a self-locking gear mechanism and are equipped with integrated steel lacing rods, allowing for a professional netting installation. Available in either in 3" or 2-7/8" diameters.



Model Diameter (in)  MSRP Price
63070 (green)  3"

$504 USD

$625 CDN

63071 (black)    3" 

$504 USD

$625 CDN 

63074 (black)  2-7/8"

 $548 USD

$680 CDN

63075 (green)  2-7/8"

 $548 USD

$680 CDN 

Pickleball Nets

Meeting the requirements of the USAPA and USTA standards for official pickleball net sizing, these square-mesh, polyethylene nets are built for the outdoors. Complete with vinyl-coated headbands and vinyl bottom tape, these nets are resistant to mold and mildew.

 pickle ball-nets

Model Size MSRP Price
20105 36"h x 21'9"

$165 USD

$205 CDN

Ground Sleeves

The proper installation comes with the proper sleeve. These sleeves constructed of either steel or aluminum make set-up a breeze. Allowing for pickleball posts to be quickly removed or installed, they are a must have on any pickleball court.


Model Diameter (in) MSRP Price
63424 3"

$170 CAD

$137 USD

63171 2-7/8"

$175 CAD

$141 USD

Indoor Pickleball System

Depending on your geographical location, the weather during certain times of the year may not warrant outdoor play. In those cases or simply for those looking for an indoor system, these complete pickleball systems are the perfect solution. Weighing only 15lbs, the posts are made from tubular steel and can also be used for badminton when the need arises. Containing a pair of floor sockets and plates, two posts and a net, this is the perfect packaged solution.


Model Includes MSRP Price
DG11 (2) KA45 floor sockets and floor plates, (2) DG11-PB badminton posts with pickle ball hook, (1) SBN-20 badminton nets.

$2470 CAD

$1992 USD


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