Digital Printed Padding


The gymnasium has become so much more than simply a place to play sports. It is is place for comradery, togetherness and school spirit. With unmistakably value placed on the branding power of school and collegiate gymnasiums it comes as no surprise to learn that institutions across the United States and Canada are looking for the very best way to showcase their academic and athletic prowess.

With digitally printed wall padding from Sport Systems, we’ve answered that call. Printed on the same tough and durable padding and vinyl our customer base has come to expect, the process uses durable and curable inks leaving behind a vibrantimage and message that does not fade, peel or tear like a decal does.


  • Four-colour, CMYK printer with a white ink option
  • Two, double-print heads per colour
  • 1,400 dpi resolutions
  • Photographic-quality images


The Same Award-Winning Padding

Our customer base has grown accustomed to quality and value. With this product, nothing has changed. Our padding is still constructed using the very best foam and our ultra-durable vinyl. 


Completely Customizable

Much like everything else that is created in our facility, our padding is 100 percent customizable. With a variety of custom colours, unique designs and cut-outs for door handles and electrical outlets - we can pad it. 

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our revolutuionary flatbed printers are the best in the business. These large printers allow for the highest quality digital printing on any material suchas vinyl padding.



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