Stage Padding


A stage in any gymnasium presents a tremendous hazard to when athletic activity is taking place. Sport Systems offers custom-made stage padding for your facility to protect your users and mitigate your risk.

Our stage mats are constructed with a 6" return to cover the top of your stage. This 6" return features a velcro fastening strip which has been sewn to its underside & is then used in conjunction with an opposing velcro strip which is applied to the top of your stage. 

We offer a wide variety of colours for your custom padding such as: yellow, forest green, gray, beige/tan, black, royal blue, navy blue, burgundy and red.

Personalise your padding! Call us and ask about our custom graphics.

Features: Benefits:
  • Constructed of 2" high density foam
  • Covered with heavy-duty vinyl
  • Provides a safe gymnasium environment
  • Manufactured with a hinge, enabling access under-stage storage areas
  • Can be removed to increase gymnasium appeal during non athletic related functions
  • Can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water


**Please download our guide to custom padding and request for quotation.
Print the document, fill out required information and fax to our office at 613-256-5876



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