Our industry-leading baseball equipment is exactly what your diamond needs. Whether you are looking to outfit your baseball field with bases and home plates or are looking to upgrade protection with custom netting or pitching screens, you can rest assured we've got you covered.





Pitching & Protective Screens

Used in practice situations, these protective screens are another layer of protection for players and participants. Made for either infield purposes to protect pitchers from line-drives or created specifically to protect outfielders during batting practice, these protective and portable nets keep players safe and add peace of mind for coaches and organizers.


  • Large size for professional players
  • Knotless weatherproof double-sided slip-on black nylon net
  • Padded hip protector
  • 2" heavy-duty welded legs
  • 2" OD heavy-duty aluminum construction

                                                pitching-screen              protective-outfield-screens


Model Dimensions MSRP Price
BLPS-84  8' x 8'

$740 CDN

$561 USD

 BLPS-84N - Replacement Net Only  8' x 8'

$240 CDN

$182 USD

 BLFS-88  8' x 8'

$790 CDN

$599 USD

 BLFS-88N - Replacement Net Only  8' x 8'

$247 CDN

$188 USD

BLFS-101  10' x 10'

$1,038 CDN

$787 USD

BLFS-101N - Replacement Net Only  10' x 10'

$235 CDN

$178 USD


Bases, Home Plates & Pitching Rubbers

Complete the set-up of your infield with our bases, home plates and pitching rubbers. Made from the highest-quality materials, these are built to withstand years of ground balls, line drives and home runs.


  • Major League Sizing
  • Heavy-Duty Construction


                  baseball-base        home-plate       pitching-rubber

Model MSRP Price
BB-400 (Bases)

$171 CDN

$130 USD

BB-500 (Bases)

$232 CDN

$176 USD

HP-200 (Home Plate)

$119 CDN

$90 USD

HP-250 (Home Plate)

$149 CDN

$113 USD

PR-624 (Pitching Rubber)

$115 CDN 

$87 USD

PR-424 (Pitching Rubber)

$89 CDN

$68 USD

Baseball Field Fence Top Protection

Dramatic catches in the outfield are a sight to behold but those along the open fences can lead to injuries if not properly equipped. Our fence top protection systems allow for easy installation and added protection for outfielders and spectators alike. These pre-slit corrugated plastic covers are secured using specialized ties and available in either 100' or 250' lengths.


Model Length MSRP Price
CFC-100'  100'

$223 CDN

$169 USD

CFC-250  250'

$299 CDN

$227 USD

CFC-TIES  100 Count

$63 CDN

$48 USD


$91 CDN

$69 USD


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