About Our Fixed Seating Solutions


Comfortably Seating the Masses:  Fixed Arena, Auditorium, Lecture Hall and Performing Arts Centre Seating by Sport Systems

Performances and presentations are meant to be a pleasurable experience and with the right seating, your facility can easily make that a reality.  Our fixed seating solutions are tailor-made for specific venues such as arenas, lecture halls and other performance-based facilities.  Most of our seating products are customizable with armrests, cup holders and colour configurations.

Auditorium and Performing Arts Centre Seating

Decades of design work has been dedicated to the development of this contemporary style of seating mostly used in auditoriums and arts centres.  We offer two lines of this innovative type of fixed seat to accommodate any budget.

Our Core model is designed with budget-friendly facilities in mind and offers minimal customization features. Our Stellar line however, is manufactured with high-quality marine-grade vinyl upholstery, allowing them to be used at both indoor and outdoor venues.  These seats can be customized with accessible end units, aisle lights, tablet arms and more.

Arena and Stadium Seating

The perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor venues, our arena and stadium seating comes in a number of different styles, each aiming to satisfy the needs of a variety of stadiums and venues.  Each seating design is created with comfort in mind, featuring the option of padded or plastic seat pans and is available in floor or riser mounted configurations.

Lecture Hall Seating

Whether your educational facility is expanding with additional buildings that are in need of versatile seats for present and future students or are simply looking to upgrade out-of-date fixed seating, we have the right seating solution for you.

Our lecture hall seating products are our most customizable seating option, available with different mounting configurations, with or without arms, cup holders, aisle lighting, colour combinations, and many other upgrades.


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