Centre Drive Gymnasium Divider Curtain (Model 4050)


Travelling at Twice the Speed of Typical Gym Curtains!

Our centre drive curtain design eliminates all need for belts, cables, or rollers. It is simple in design and offers more options for use than any other curtain available today.  This innovative curtain features a centralized roller pipe that is wrapped simultaneously with both upper and lower vinyl sections when in operation.  The dual-wrap concept eliminates any wear points on the curtain vinyl and allows the curtain to operate at twice the speed of conventional gym curtains.  Increased curtain speed lowers your facility changeover costs and increases programming throughout.


  • Operated by 2 synchronized internal tubular motors
  • Each motor has a max. torque of 700 inch pounds with a speed of 14 rpm
  • With the drive tube affixed to the centre of the curtain, the top and bottom portion are rolled up at the same time, doubling the application speed
  • Upper section consists of 9 oz. vinyl coated mesh & lower section of 19 oz. or 22 oz. solid vinyl
  • Curtain has welded seams & fully padded bottom batten with no exposed hardware


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