Walk Draw Gymnasium Divider Curtain (Model 4013)


Economically Functional

This convenient track-style curtain provides an economical answer to your room dividing needs.


  • Easy installation
  • Manual operation with 1 7/16" wide enclosed galvanized steel track
  • Carriers spaced under 12" apart with 1" diameter polyurethane wheels
  • Can be stored flat against a wall or in a corner of your gym or facility with optional radiused section
  • Allow approximately 10% for stacking space i.e. if your room width is 60', curtain will require approximately 6' of stacking space
  • Fire rated

Curtain has solid 19 oz. vinyl lower section and 9 oz. vinyl coated mesh upper section with welded seams and is equipped with a bottom edge pocket for a 4/0 coil proof chain for ballast.


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