Gym Floor Cover Storage Racks


Constantly folding a floor cover can be cumbersome and will ultimately lead to creasing.  To be truly effective, your gym floor cover must lay flat when faced with heavy patron foot traffic.  SSCI has responded to its customers by offering an industry leading portable rack system.  Not only does this racking system enable you to store up to 10,000 sq.ft. of cover in a mere 3' x 12' footprint, but it ensures the cover will never be susceptible to creasing when stored for prolonged periods of time.  This aesthetically pleasing unit also promotes rapid deployment and roll-up of your gym floor cover, saving your operational staff time and money. 

Call us today and we will show you how a mobile storage rack will pay dividends for your facility. 

Also available: custom racks for unique storage situations i.e. understage or wall mounted.   



  • Holds up to 8 rolls or 9,600 sq.ft. of material!
  • The industry's heaviest roller pipe with a 12 ga. wall thickness eliminating bowing in the pipe and delivering the smooth roll-up 
  • Tubular steel, MIG-welded construction
  • Finished with a silver vein, chip-resistent powder coat finish
  • Swiveling, non-marring castors
  • Furnished with zinc plated hardward & hanger brackets
  • Roller bearings are all steel construction
  • Features a locking mechanism to prevent unwanted unwinding of material
  • Features a captive roller bracket mechanism to ensure that roller pipes do not 'pop out' when material is being rolled or unrolled
  • Furnished with 2 manual hand cranks
  • Rollers feature leader clips to facilitate attachment of fabric to rollers

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