Pole Crash Mats


Pole fitness and pole dancing classes are evolving into mainstream fitness programming in gyms and other fitness studios around the world.  To keep pace with the growing demand of customized padding for pole dancing excercises, we have developed a comprehensive pole fitness padding product offering to fill the growing niche. 

Our standard design is a square-shaped 4" or 6" pad complete with a custom-installed Velcro strip in the centre of the pad to ensure secure fastening and minimal gap space around the pole.

Pricing is based on standard mat colour of blue, yellow, black, green, beige or red.
 Please add 10% for non-standard colours.  

Standard Features:

  • 100 I.L.D. filler (available in 4" or 6" thick)
  • 2-piece construction
  • Heavy-duty 18 oz. reinforced vinyl cover
  • Velcro for fastening together & closing gap
  • Used in home & commercial pole fitness programs 
  • Square in shape for more coverage
Model Size MSRP Pricing
4" thickness    
POM5444 4' x 4' $194 USD each
$256 CAD each
POM5664 6' x 6' $356 USD each
$470 CAD each
6" thickness    
POM5446 4' x 4' $222 USD each
$293 CAD each
POM5666 6' x 6' $417 USD each
$550 CAD each



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