About Our Netting Solutions


Keeping Objects in Play and Spectators Safe:
Sport Systems’ Netting Barriers, Golf Netting and Sports Netting Products

The high velocity of flying balls, pucks and other objects in your favourite sporting event or venue can pose an obvious risk to spectators. We proudly design and install custom netting solutions for facilities around the world. Servicing everything from large baseball and soccer barrier netting projects to indoor netting solutions for arenas, our netting is the perfect solution to keep objects in the field and in play.

Complete Netting Barriers

These larger-scale netting barriers are used in a wide array of applications but typically are installed on soccer pitches, baseball diamonds, and track & field facilities. 

Our multi-sport barrier netting measures 14’ in height and 65’ in length and is secured using four 4 3/8” aluminum support poles and an internal hoisting system for ease of use. Our netting barrier designed specifically for soccer, adds an additional 6’ of height for the ultimate in coverage.

Golf Course Netting

Golf balls can get away from even the most experienced fairway warrior and with the small size and high speed of golf balls, injury and damage can occur if the proper netting precautions are not taken. Given the varied sizing of different areas of golf courses such as fairways close to residential structures, parking lots and driving range perimeters, our golf netting can be cut to any size and is typically installed using hydro poles or similar steel beams or columns to hang the netting in place.

General Sports Netting & Industrial Netting

Used in a variety of sporting venues and commercial settings, this division of our netting department also takes a customized approach to each and every project. Measuring around ice surfaces in arenas, netting baseball batting cages and enclosing tennis courts are just a few of the sports-related netting projects we complete each year.

We also design a diverse line of netting for industrial use in warehouses, material handling facilities and other types of commercial settings.


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