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The Industry’s Best Sporting Equipment:  Providing Indoor & Outdoor Equipment and Accessories for Over 35 Years.

Over the years, we have dealt with a variety of different individuals, organizations, institutions and sports clubs, providing them with the very best in athletic infrastructure and equipment. We began with our roots firmly planted in the sport of basketball and quickly grew to include a diverse product line and developed other areas of our business to meet the needs of our growing clientele.

Today we supply and manufacture hundreds of sport-specific products around the globe.  From soccer and football equipment to field hockey nets and rugby uprights, our product line has grown to provide our customers with the best selection of sports equipment on the market today.



Badminton Nets

We carry both portable and semi-permanent options for your facility’s badminton courts.  Our badminton nets are great for both recreational and competitive play and serve both a single court and multi-court badminton layout.

Our semi-permanent badminton nets are used in conjunction with permanent ground sleeves, allowing for easy removal when badminton is not in play.  Our portable systems are equipped with solid rubber castors for easy movement and added versatility.

Field Hockey Nets

Developed in the British Isles, field hockey has grown in popularity and is a staple among many academic institutions across Europe and North America.  We carry officially sized field hockey goals for either indoor or outdoor use and carry replacement netting to fit each size of goal in the event of tearing.

For an added level of customization, these goals can also be equipped with a wheel kit, allowing the goal to be easily moved across a variety of locationswhen needed.

Hockey Nets

We supply quality hockey goals and nets to accommodate all levels of play and competition. Our hockey goals are professionally sized and fabricated using 2” steel pipes.  In addition to frames, we also supply a variety of replacement hockey nets and fender kits, made to withstand slap shots from peewees to the pros.

Lacrosse Goals & Nets

Our standard-sized lacrosse goals measure 6’H x 6’W x 7’D and are powder coated orange.  We also supply three different styles of replacement netting custom fitted to the standard dimensions of lacrosse goals.

Rugby Goal Posts & Uprights

These large, semi-permanent goal posts are available in two configurations to accommodate the specific needs of your facility or organization.  Our standard rugby goal stands 3 meters high and is constructed using 3” heavy gauge aluminum.  For multi-sport locations, our combination rugby and soccer goal is the perfect solution, featuring both rugby and soccer goals.

Both of these systems are installed using ground sleeves.  These sleeves make removal and installation easy, giving your facility an added level of versatility.

Soccer Equipment

When it comes to the most popular sport on earth, we aim to provide our customers with the best soccer products and complimentary accessories on the market today.  Replacement nets of all major sizes are available along with a variety of net fasteners manufactured to ensure nets are properly installed on all soccer goals. 

When it comes to keeping your soccer goals secure, there is no better solution than one of our many soccer goal anchor kits.  These kits come in a variety of styles, are easily installed and provide the very best in safety for those on the pitch.

We also carry a number of on-field soccer accessories such as jerseys, corner flags, cones and field paint.

Soccer Goals


Our permanent soccer goals can be found on many recreational soccer pitches, in any number of sizes.  Our permanent goals are sized according to age group, serving participants of 3 years of age and older.

Multi-use fields and facilities will also love the versatility of our combination football and soccer goal, consisting of an 8’H x 24’W soccer opening and football uprights stretching 20’ above the field.


Nothing gives your athletic field or facility as much versatility as portable soccer goals.  With the ability to be equipped with customized wheel kits, these goals can easily be manoeuvred to a number of field locations.

Soccer Shelters

Keeping players, staff and officials out of inclement weather is the main function of these beautifully designed shelters.   These shelters come complete with a custom-sized players’ bench that fits perfectly under the shelter and includes a convenient storage shelf providing space for medical kits, bags and other accessories.

We also offer complete wheel kits to add mobility to your soccer shelter, giving you the ability to move them anywhere you see fit.

Volleyball Equipment

Volleyball is a great recreational and competitive sport that requires a few important pieces of equipment before getting started.  In addition to carrying a variety of volleyball nets, we also supply a number of helpful accessories.

Equipment storage carts are integral in quickly dismantling and storing volleyball nets and equipment while floor sockets provide your facility with a semi-permanent mounting option for poles.

We also carry replacement netting, cover plates for flooring sockets, referee stands and customized padding for volleyball applications.

Indoor Volleyball

Our indoor volleyball line is extensive.  We carry a variety of standard volleyball netting systems, in all major sizes and configurations meeting NFHS, NCAA, AVCA and Olympic standards.

Our SkyMaster One-Court system is perhaps one of our most innovative volleyball systems.  This system is ceiling-suspended, features fully padded uprights and is hoisted into the ceiling above in a matter of minutes with help from its 1HP direct drive hoist.

Outdoor Volleyball

Made in-house, our manufactured outdoor volleyball standard system is ideal for both sand and grass play.  This system can also be paired with our outdoor ground sleeve for a nominal price, giving you the option of easily removing your posts during the off-season or when the play area is needed for another activity.


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