We deliver the services you want

We’re service experts:

  • We design and build new grandstands, press boxes and barrier netting systems.
  • We manufacture products for custom projects.
  • We assemble and install seats, bleachers and all kinds of equipment at gyms, courts, field houses, arenas and stadiums.
  • We inspect facilities to ensure they meet stringent standards for safety and security.

Design and build

University and high school football and soccer fans love us—even though they may have no idea who we are. We specialize in designing and building grandstands, press boxes and barrier netting systems for stadiums.

We just designed and built them at the University of Ottawa’s new 3,355-seat Lees Avenue Stadium and at Carleton University’s 3,044-seat Keith Harris Stadium.

Take 2.5 minutes and see our design and build work for yourself.


Our tradesmen are trained, certified and experienced. They equip us with the manufacturing capacity and know-how to take on your custom project with ease—no matter the size. The foundation of our near-limitless manufacturing capacity is our welding plant, which is certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau to the highest levels of the Canadian Standards Association.


Factory assembly and installation

Cut out the middlemen. We can assemble, deliver and install everything you need for your gym, court, field house, arena or stadium:

  • We supply and install a diverse line of indoor gymnasium products.
  • We factory assemble many of our standard-sized bleachers and ship them straight from our plant.
  • We fit out new school and community centre gymnasiums from the floor up with floor covers, wall pads, divider curtains, basketball backstops, telescopic bleachers, and volleyball and badminton equipment.



We offer the Orange Zone inspection program. It’s a comprehensive, manufacturer-certified service program that enables us to ensure you have the safest gymnasiums possible for students, athletes and fans.

Our service team is extremely experienced when it comes to inspecting gymnasium equipment and conducting the necessary service work. After each inspection, we provide you with a detailed report of our findings—complete with service work recommendations—to ensure the facility is up to our Orange Zone standard.

We also conduct annual maintenance on gym divider curtains, telescopic bleachers, wall padding, and ceiling-suspended and wall-mounted basketball backstops. We inspect and carry out maintenance on outdoor products too.