We are proud to offer another financing alternative to our Canadian and American customers in the market for medium to large-scale athletic infrastructure projects.  We are the first organization to offer the option of leasing this type of equipment in the marketplace and believe it to be a mutually beneficial arrangement to a large portion of our customer base.



Benefits of Leasing Equipment

Fast Turnover

Applications are typically processes within 48 hours.  Ensuring you recieve your equipment in a speedy and painless manner.

Buying Power

Manage your cashflow and keep more money in your business where it belongs.  Leasing allows you to easily manage a periodic payment, freeing up funds for additional projects.

Custom Terms

Our leasing partners understand the needs of your business.  With that in mind, all leasing programs are tailor-made around the nature of your organization.  Seasonal, annual, semi-annual and many other custom payment options are available.

Tax Benefits

While not always the case, oftentimes leasing can provide businesses with income tax benefits by expensing lease payments.  We recommend you consult with your tax professional to learn more about how leasing can benefit the tax position of your business.


All of our leasing is handled by the professionals at Easylease  Established in 1997, Easylease Corp. set out to offer premier equipment leasing and financing services, focused on making it easier than ever before for companies to overcome cash flow and resource constraints to acquire the assets they need to grow their business. Easylease’s talented group of professionals remain dedicated to providing creatively structured and quickly executed equipment leasing and financing solutions to best meet your corporate requirements. Although Easylease is a mid-sized corporation, our vision is to build a company offering the knowledge and professionalism you would expect from a large corporation.