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We have the products you need

We can supply everything you need to make your gyms, courts, field houses, arenas and stadiums safe and fun places for students, athletes and fans to stay fit, compete and cheer the home team to victory.

Building and installing seats and barriers for arenas and stadiums

Bleachers, grandstands, press boxes and players’ benches
We assemble and install them to suit your specific requirements and budgets.

Fixed seating
We manufacture, deliver and install seats for arenas and stadiums. We also supply fixed seats for your auditoriums, lecture halls and performing arts centres.

Netting barriers
We have the equipment and knowhow to keep your soccer pitches, football fields and golf courses safe for fans, neighbours and fellow competitors.

Making gymnasiums more functional

Gym floor covers, storage racks and accessories
We can help you protect your valuable investment from spills, scuffs and heavy foot traffic.

Gym divider curtains
Let us show you how to increase the functionality of your playing spaces.

Gym mats
Encourage safe and fun play with our range of crash pads and slab and folding mats.

Column, stage and wall pads
Protect athletes from injuries. Call on us to outfit your gym with column, stage and wall pads.

Equipping courts, playing fields and playgrounds

Basketball hoops, backboards and accessories
We can outfit your facility for everything from pick-up games to the league championship.

Sports equipment
You’ve got the facility built and ready to go. Yet your students and other athletes still need the tools to play the games. We can supply you with all the gear you need for:

Bicycle racks and lockers
We have bicycle racks and lockers that make cycling to your facility a safe and secure option.