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Systems consist of 2 components:  Hardwood Barres and Wall Mount Brackets with hardware.

Hardwood Barres:

  • 1-1/2” and 1-3/4” diameter wood barres are natural, unfinished, sanded smooth and ready to use.
  • Barres are cut ½” shorter than stated length:  4’ = 47.5”,  5’=59.5”,  6’=71.5”,7’=83.5”, 8’=95.5”
  • Longer length barre systems over 8' ship in multiple barre sections.
  • Barres are joined together within the bracket collars for a continuous length look.


  • Brackets may be placed anywhere along the barre length.
  • Brackets are made of heavy gauge 3/16" steel and are powder coated in a selection of colors.
  • The number of brackets required depends on the length of the barre. Systems are configured for our recommended 4’ bracket spacing. End brackets should be brought in to allow for a few inches of barre overhang past the bracket. In some cases this may cause the end bracket spacing to be less than 4’.

Systems include all components and hardware needed for installation into wood studs or a wood backer board.  Wood screws are provided for use underneath each bracket collar to secure the barres.

Proudly Made in the USA

Exclusive 10 Year Limited Warranty