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  • Longer length barre systems over 8' ship in multiple barre sections.
  • The number of brackets required depends on the length of the barre.
  • Barre sections must be joined on the brackets. Other brackets may be placed anywhere on the barre but 4’ spacing is recommended.
  • Our stock systems are configured for our recommended 4’ bracket spacing. In some cases, bringing the end brackets in a few inches to allow for some barre overhang may cause the bracket spacing to be less than 4’ on each end. You may need to purchase a longer barre system.
  • The use of a backerboard securely mounted to the wall is recommended so that the brackets may be mounted at the required spacing.
  • Systems include all components and hardware needed for basic installation.
  • When barres meet in a corner, take 1’ off each barre dimension so barres do not touch in the corner.
  • Wood screws are provided for use underneath each bracket collar to secure the barres.
  • Allow at least 2’ per person or more depending on the activity.
  • Ballet barres are typically mounted at 42” top of barre height, 42” and 32” for double barres.