• Windscreens are available in standard 6’ and 9’ heights and in custom heights by quotation
  • Any screen width is available, however, 60’ is the maximum recommended width per panel
  • Standard 3-ply extra-strong hems are constructed with solid vinyl inserts double sewn to 1-1/2” wide and are standard for Vinyl-Coated Polyester (VCP) and VCP Max™
  • Heavy-duty 4-ply hems are constructed with an 18 oz. vinyl overlay and #2 brass grommets spaced every 12” and are standard for Poly-Pro Plus Premium
  • All hems include #2 brass grommets spaced every 18” top and bottom and every 12” on sides
  • All 9’ screens include a Centre Tab with grommets for anti-billowing installation
  • Optionally, 9’ screens may substitute a Centre Reinforcement Tape (CRT) with grommets that can be laced to the fence