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Since 1978

We got our start manufacturing basketball hoops in Almonte, Ontario - the home of Dr. James Naismith. Fast forward 40 years and we've grown into one of the largest suppliers of athletic equipment and infrastructure.

We manufacture and supply everything from grandstand stadium bleachers to gymnasium equipment including gym floor covers, divider curtains, basketball equipment and more.

Our reach continues to grow globally serving clients in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia, and here at home in North America.

About Us

Sports Equipment and Infrastructure

With our combination of knowledge, value, and service, we carry a variety of high-quality sports equipment and infrastructure for your team or facility. We are professional athletic equipment manufacturers that have a large inventory of sports equipment for sale, including bleachers, player benches, gym equipment, custom padding, basketball systems, and much more. For the past 40 years, we have supplied schools, municipalities, athletic facilities, community centers, and more with our athletic equipment and systems. Browse our website to view our premium sports equipment for sale. For further assistance, get in touch with Sport Systems’ experienced team.