the industry's most durable basketball systems


The complete system

When it comes to outdoor basketball systems, our BBIG models shine for an extended period of time. Constructed utilizing the most durable materials, these systems are resilient and stand up to the harshest conditions.

Small features such as our direct welded flanges and BUGG goals make a world of difference for operators all while making this system one of the most rugged and reconizable systems on the market today.


buried below the frostline

We work in a variety of environments and when it comes to sub-zero temperatures, you’ll want a system that stands up.  All of our posts are installed 54″ below finish grade.

pick your goal

We’ve got the right goal no matter where you are installing your new system.

BUGG - Big Ugly Galvanized Goal

The GOAT when it comes to indestructibility. The BUGG (BB-BUGG) goal is virtually indestructible and comes with a lifetime warranty.  Best for use in unsupervised areas.

Double rim goal

 A budget-friendly option for the next level in outdoor playground play. The 240SG double rim goal features 18″ double rings with 5/8″ top ring & 1/2″ bottom ring and dual 1/2″ x 15″ bracing.  

double rim breakaway goal

This premium rim(BB-5500) doubles as one that can be used in recreational level play or out on the playground or outdoor court.  Featuring breakaway coil engineering, it can stand up to abuse better than a stationary unit.

built for cold temperatures

Our ultra-durable outdoor units are design, manufactured and built for the cold.

meets code requirements

Designed and manufactured in North America, our outdoor basketball systems meet and exceed all Code requirements and recommendations.

designed for winter weather

With more than a few winters under our belt, we designed these systems to be installed below common frostlines and built for the winter.

all weather specifications

Having worked on projects from coast-to-coast, we're spec'd to meet all requirements and specifications for installation across North America.

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