Libero Collegiate Aluminum Multi-Sport System


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The 7200 one-court system featuring 4" padded aluminum uprights is ready for a variety of net sports including volleyball, badminton, pickleball and tennis. Our competition net, sideline markers and antennas are easily set by sliding rail mechanism integrated into upright to athlete play level then by tightening handled winch.

The 4" floor sleeves and cover plates minimize floor damage and provide optimal stability for the premium system.

  • (1) 4" O.D. Collegiate End Post
  • (1) 4" O.D. Collegiate Upright with winch
  • (2) 4" Floor sleeves
  • (2) Swivel Brass or chrome cover plates
  • (1) Competition net
  • (1) Pair of sideline markers & antennae
  • (2) Upright safety pads
  • (1) Set of four cable covers
    • Multi-use system with infinite net height adjustment for volleyball, tennis, or badminton
    • Direct attach winch strap for simple set-up
    • Easy glide rail for quick height adjustment without ever removing the net
    • Heavy-duty ratchet winch for easy net tension adjustment
    • Cam lever with wedge lock design holds the net securely with no "creeping"
    • Lightweight 4" O.D. aluminum posts with inset grooves for added strength

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