About Our Basketball Equipment


From Tip-Off to the Final Buzzer: Industry-Leading Basketball Equipment – Engineered and Built to Last.

We founded this company over 35 years ago by building the best basketball rims on the market in the hometown of Dr. James Naismith, who invented the sport in 1891.  Today our line of basketball equipment has grown into a versatile product selection serving educational facilities, playgrounds and parks around the globe. 

Basketball Accessories

We stock basketball accessories for use with certain pieces of basketball equipment we sell and service.  The Aut-o-Loc system is a must-have for any facility equipped with ceiling or wall mounted basketball systems.  This tool acts like a seatbelt in the event of a fall, preventing damage to the equipment and to spectators and participants. 

Basketball Backboards

A backboard is the backbone to any basketball system and we carry a wide selection of models manufactured using different materials for use in both indoor and outdoor applications.  Choose from Aluminum Backboards, Steel Backboards or Glass Backboards to create the perfect basketball set-up for your facility or outdoor playground. 

Basketball Hoops

We carry a basketball hoop for every situation.  From the durability of our BUGG model outdoor basketball hoop to the dunk-a-bility of our Breakaway basketball goals, we have the product that is best suited for your indoor or outdoor facility.

We carry three variations of breakaway hoops all housing the same functionality; professionally designed and durable basketball hoops for any skill level.

Portable Basketball Backstops


Our line of competition basketball backstops is the perfect solution for multi-use facilities that need the versatility of a portable basketball system.  These backstops are able to quickly be moved from location to location and are all designed to collegiate, high school, professional and international specifications.

Competition backstop systems are equipped with a 10-year limited warranty and are available in both 8’ and 10’8” heights and extensions.


Much the same as our competition backstops, our recreational basketball backstops are also used when ceiling or wall mounted basketball systems are not an option.   Recreational backstops differ in size and configuration, allowing you to easily choose the system that is right for you.

Our recreational systems are also equipped with our 10-year limited warranty.

Ceiling Suspended Basketball Systems

Our ceiling suspended backstops offer facility planners and designers a great range of options for basketball net placement.  These systems are custom in nature, allowing for a versatile option for those with unique building truss designs.

Our ceiling suspended systems are available in a number of mounting configurations featuring front or rear bracing and stationary, side-folding, rear-folding and forward-folding movement options.

Wall Mounted Basketball Systems

A popular option in smaller facilities such as elementary schools and community centres, our stationary wall mounted basketball nets accommodates the budget-conscious buyer.  Our stationary basketball mounts are available in a 3 or 4-point wall attachment, with the option of our standard steel backboard or glass backboard.

Other configurations include a swing-up wall mount and a 4-point side-folding wall mounted system.  Each of these innovative systems allows facilities to easily raise or stow basketball systems when not in use.

Junior Jammers – Youth Basketball Adaptors

A new edition to our basketball product offering, these youth basketball backboard adaptors easily convert an existing goal to a lower height, allowing children of all ages to enjoy the sport.

We carry two models of junior jammers; our JJ1 lowers the rim to the official youth height of 8’6” and moves the goal 2’ closer to the foul line.  The JJ5A model is slightly more versatile in that it will adjust to a number of heights ranging from 7’ and above and also moves the goal 2’ closer to the foul line.

Outdoor Basketball Systems

Outdoor basketball systems are designed and manufactured to be some of the toughest sport equipment on the planet.  Having to withstand harsh weather all year round, these systems are built to last.

Our BBIG series is virtually indestructible featuring a 4 ½” galvanized gooseneck pole attached to our cast aluminum backboard, guaranteed not to rust or rot.  Our wall mounted outdoor basketball systems attach to any open wall surface using a heavy-duty galvanized steel wall mount and are a popular choice for those with limited space.


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