Indoor - Ceiling Suspended Basketball Systems


3100 Series Single Post Backstops

The 3100 Series Single Post Backstop offers the facility planner the greatest range of options when designing an athletic facility for any level of competition.  These versatile systems can be used for an expansive range of building truss heights and spacings.  All units can be outfitted with a choice of steel or glass backboard, fixed or break-a-way goal and electric or manual winch. 


3100 Series Backstop Selection Guide:

MODEL: 3103
Forward Folding / Rear Braced
Designed for areas allowing sufficient space behind the backboard for a rear brace & unobstructed room to the front to fold up. This unit can be used at heights from 18' to 30'. 
MODEL: 3107
Forward Folding /  Front Braced
Used in facilities designed without adequate space behind the backstop structure for rear bracing, and with no clearance issues over the court for front bracing to fold forward and up for storage. 
MODEL: 3105
Rear Folding / Rear Braced
Designed for facilities with clearance issues over the court that will not allow front fold dsign, yet offers adequate space behind the backstop to allow rear folding for storage. 
MODEL: 3109
Side Folding / Side Braced
Used for the field house or gymnasium with large amounts of equipment, and limited space behind the backboard and/or other conditions that don't allow front fold, but still require folding the backstop up to a stored position. 
MODEL: 3111
Stationary / Ceiling Braced 
Non-folding design with ceiling brace for those projects not requiring backstops to be moved and will not allow bracing to the wall. 
MODEL: 3115
Stationary / Wall Braced 
Non-folding backstop design with rear wall brace for those projects not requiring backstops to be moved. Maximum distance from wall to face of backboard is 14'.  
  • 6 5/8" O.D. (.156" wall thickness) main mast
  • 2 3/8" O.D. heavy gauge diagonal braces to prevent sway
  • Large diameter post provides greater strength
  • Precision die-cut horizontal braces allow for full contact welds
  • Offset hinge keeps center of gravity behind the pivot point
  • Easy folding
  • Easy installation and relatively maintenance free operation
 Direct Goal Attachment
  • Transfers stress through the backboard directly to the support structure
  • Provides unsurpassed stability and rigidity
  • Adjustability allows for exact plumbing of backboards
  • Insures the installer always has the proper direct goal attachment
 Adjustable Hangers
  • Approximately 5" of adjustability for easy installation & precise leveling of the backstop
  • All welded construction at heights up to 28'
  • Clamped units can be provided at any height above 28'
  • CONTACT for information on welded frames above 28'
  • Backstops conform to the latest regulations for all levels of competition

3200 Series Bent Single Post Backstops

The 3200 Series Bent Single Post Backstops provide the same simple and clean appearance as 3100 series backstops with one major difference. The 3200 series is the facility designer's answer to the problem of interference above the backboard location that requires the main mast to be designed with a 30 degree bend from the vertical position. 


They have all of the same features as the 3100 series systems plus:
  •  Main mast bent 30 degrees from vertical allowing for unit installation around obstructions

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