Recreational Portable Basketball Backstops



These recreational portable backstops meet all professional, collegiate, & high school specifications and standards. A portable backstop is ideal when the facility requires the courts or surfaces to be multi-use, or when there is no possibility of installing a wall mounted or ceiling suspended system. Choose from a variety of products to meet your facility's needs. 




9408 Hoopmaster® 8 Portable Backstop

9408 Hoopmaster® 8
 with 8' extension

$8,718 USD / $11,508 CAD each


9405 Hoopmaster® 5 with 5' extension

$8,718 USD / $11,508 CAD each

  • Designed for main court play in university, high school and professional arenas
  • Available in 8’ boom extensions for all levels of play 
  • Maintenance free tension spring mechanism engineered for effortless lifting and lowering of the unit
  • Approved by FIBA for international competition
  • Base is fully padded on three sides with vinyl covered 2” thick high density polyurethane foam
  • Front upright is similarly padded to a height of 7’ with 2” thick foam 
  • Height adjustable to 8', 9' and 10'
  • Meets NCAA, NAIA, NFHS and NBA main court specifications  
  • Boom pad and floor anchoring system included
  • Full weight with ballast 2200 lbs. (998 kgs)
  • Includes an official size (42” x 72”) shatter proof glass backboard, PRO-MOLD® backboard padding, and a positive lock breakaway goal
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on all parts, Lifetime Limited Warranty on backboard included with the unit, 5-Year Limited Warranty on PRO-MOLD® pads and 4-Year on breakaway goal.

9172 Hoopmaster® C72 Portable Backstop

9172 Hoopmaster® C72
 with 5' Extension
(Includes 42” x 72” glass backboard (Model: BB72G50)

$7,095 USD / $9,365 CAD each


9154 Hoopmaster® R54 with 5' Extension
(Includes 42” x 54” glass backboard (Model: 3050)

$6,080 USD / $8,026 CAD each
  • Designed for facilities with court space limitations
  • Ideal for gymnasiums, churches, club level and recreational league play.
  • GARED 42” x 72” glass backboard (Model: BB72G50)
  • GARED positive lock breakaway rim (Model: 2000+)
  • Full 60” safe play area when set at 10’ height
  • Easily adjustable from 8’ to 10’ to accommodate various levels of play
  • Sized to fit through standard double door for easy portability
  • Spring assisted height mechanism to ease the play position of unit
  • Stationary non-kick out front safety pad
  • Four 5” non-marking polyurethane wheels for optimal transport control
  • Fully padded unit providing safety for all levels of players
  • Unit arrives with 600 lbs. of factory installed ballast
  • Locator pin and anchoring pins available for ultimate stability

9060 Super Z60 Portable Backstop


9060 Super Z60
 Portable Backstop

$3,279 USD / $4,328 CAD each
  • Ideal for institutional play as well as recreational play in schools, churches, training and fitness facilities.
  • Compact frame and large wheels make backstop easy to roll around and store in areas with limited space.

Micro-Z Roll-Around Portable Backstop


Micro-Z Roll-Around 
Portable Backstop

$2,023 USD / $2,671 CAD each


  • Designed for side court & multipurpose recreational areas
  • Appropriate for all ages & skill levels
  • Folds down to 48"W x 54"H x 88"L - including board & goal
  • Highly portable system rolls easily on four large casters & locks in place with the flip of a brake lever
  • 48" x 32" rectangular acrylic backboard with 3/8" thickness affixed to 1" welded aluminum uni-frame
  • Includes standard stationary goal with nylon net
  • Requires 250 lbs of ballast - concealed in the base of the unit
  • Height can be adjusted from 7' (Junior) to 10' (Regulation)


9249 Hoops 21 "3 on 3" Height Adjustable Portable Backstop


9249 Hoops 21 "3 on 3"
 Portable Backstop 

$2,023 USD / $2,671 CAD each

  • The most portable 3-on-3 basketball tournament system on the market
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor use and is adjustable at 8’, 9’ and 10’ heights 
  • Collapsible design folds easily into a flat, compact storage position that can be rolled away 
  • Comes with a fan shaped 54” X 39” fiberglass backboard 
  • Front pad covered with 18 oz. black vinyl & 2” thick high density polyurethane foam
  • Minimum of 300 lbs of ballast is required 
  • Vinyl bags that can be filled with sand are included

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