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Partial & Complete Wall Padding:  Using Technology to Custom Design Wall Padding for a Wide Range of Applications.

Perhaps our most versatile product line, our custom wall padding department is ever-evolving, and takes the shape of many different projects and designs.  Our design process is second to none, combining years of experience with cutting edge technology, giving our customers a true-to-life visualization of their finished product.

We manufacture wall padding for gymnasiums, athletic facilities and a variety of other applications such as healthcare centres, correctional facilities and educational institutions.  Below is a breakdown of just some of our capabilities.  Be sure to contact us for your completely custom padding projects and configurations.


Column Padding

Given the structural differences of facilities, outdoor venues and sports fields, column padding is one of our most customized padding departments.  Primarily used for safety purposes, column padding is designed specifically to fit obstructions such as beams, poles and columns.  Much like the majority of our padding and gym mats, our column padding is comprised of 2” of high-density foam and covered with our heavy-duty vinyl for easy maintenance.

Permanent & Removable Wall Padding

Although the manufacturing is the same for both permanent and removable padding, the benefits can vary quite a bit, depending on your projected use.  Permanent padding is perfect for athletic facilities looking for a long-lasting safety solution for high traffic areas in gymnasiums such as around volleyball courts and underneath basketball nets. 

Custom cut outs around doorways, windows, heating vents, light switches and electrical outlets are standard with most of our permanent padding projects.

Our removable wall padding provides much of the same as mentioned above, but with the added versatility in having the ability to remove the padding at any time for a wider range of use.  Removable padding is typically used in athletic environments such as gymnasiums that host a wide variety of sporting events.  The wall padding gives your facility the ability to provide participants in high speed sports such as basketball the safety they need, while also giving you the ability to use the padding as a gym mat for other activities such as gymnastics and wrestling.

Padded Rooms

As part of our permanent wall padding department, we manufacture specific padding for use in padded room applications.  More facilities today are turning to fully padded rooms for a wide range of uses.  Hospitals and treatment centres are using seclusion rooms and quiet rooms for some of their patients and visitors, while educational and child care facilities are using calming and sensory rooms for students with special needs.

In addition to hospitals and educational institutions, correctional, respite and seniors residences are also making use of these types of rooms in one capacity or another.  Padded rooms are often designed with both wall and floor padding and are used to soothe, treat and heighten the ability of those who use them. 

Speed Skating Padding

Speed skating is one of the fastest sports on earth and is rightfully equipped with strict safety regulations regarding padding for their athletes and speed skating rinks and facilities.  Governing bodies have developed guidelines for establishing the minimum speed skating crash protection required for both practice and competitive applications.  Our knowledgeable team is equipped with these regulations and have designed speed skating padding for use in facilities across North America. 

Even in facilities where existing padding may no longer adhere to the current regulations, we can either retrofit your current padding to today’s standards or easily price out a completely new solution for your facility.

For more information on the regulations see our blogs:

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Stage Padding

Often times a stage will be located in a high traffic area in a gymnasium, increasing the risk of collision.  Where traditional padding does not typically fit, stages can present problems for facility operators who wish to correctly pad the exposed area.

We have designed a specific padding product for use with stages located in gymnasiums, designed to fit the exact dimensions of your stage.  A Velcro® strip is used to securely fasten padding to the top of the stage, giving it the ability to not only cover the vertical side of the stage, but to also safely cover the corner of the stage.



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