About Our Gym Divider Curtains


Optimize Your Gymnasium:  Sport Systems’ Custom Designed Gym Divider Curtains.

Gym divider curtains are a great addition to any gym, adding another level of functionality to your available space.  Our gym curtains come in a range of configurations and are completely customizable to ensure no matter what type of space you are working with, we can create a divider solution fit for you.


Centre Drive Gym Divider Curtain

Our centre drive gym divider curtain is the industry’s fastest, featuring a simplistic design built for busy facilities.  At the centre of this unique design is a roller pipe that simultaneously rolls both the top and bottom portion of your curtain operated by a pair of tubular motors.

The functionality of this curtain reduces wear points, giving you added years to the lifecycle of your divider curtain and reduces operational costs by quickly opening or closing, adapting quickly to the unique daily needs of your facility.

Fold Up Gym Divider Curtain

This timeless design is our most economical motorized gym divider curtain.  The straightforward design features a mesh upper portion and durable vinyl bottom and is easily installed, requiring very little maintenance. The folding functionality of this curtain allows it to be stored using minimal floor space in your gymnasium, allowing you more access to the square footage your athletic program needs.

Peak Fold Gym Divider Curtain

Our peak fold curtain is designed specifically to match the peak ceiling design of certain buildings and structures.  Detailed structural measurements are used to design these dividers specific to your ceiling’s specifications and are hoisted up by a 3/4HP motor.  These curtains provide the user with a complete closed solution to slope-style ceilings, keeping the room completely divided and allowing no objects to pass through.

Top Roll Gym Divider Curtain

When it comes to compact storage, our top roll curtain leads the way.  This curtain is quickly hoisted into the ceiling of your facility, requiring a mere 14” of vertical storage space.  Powered by a whisper-quiet internal motor, this curtain is quickly raised up and out of view, increasing your available floor space when need be.

Walk Draw Gym Divider Curtain

For those on a strict budget, our walk draw divider is our most economical choice.  This curtain is easily installed and ready for use and requires minimal manual effort to open and close.  The track system used in this curtain can be configured in either a straight line or radiused design to incorporate bends or curves.  This curtain is 100% fire-rated and is easily and neatly stored against any wall.


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