Top Roll Gymnasium Divider Curtain (Model 4040)


The Industry's Most Aesthetically Pleasing & Compact Storing Curtain

The unique concept of this revolutionary style top-roll curtain completely eliminates cables, belts and straps for easy maintenance-free operation. When the support structure allows, this curtain will roll up through a 12" wide opening, storing above the ceiling area to further enhance the aesthetics of your installation.  This curtain is ideal for low ceiling height applications as it requires only 14" of vertical storage space. 

  • Innovative, ultra quiet, synchronized internal tubular motor
  • Handy roller assembly provides smooth operation & wrinkle-free fabric
  • Electrical components neatly packaged in overhead structure
  • Fabric rolls within 14" of ceiling for overhead for maximum clearance
  • Mounting assemblies allow for easy installation
  • Levelling adapts to steel or other structures 
  • Lower section: 19 oz. solid vinyl
  • Upper section: 9 oz. vinyl coated mesh
  • Curtain has welded seams & fully padded bottom batten with no exposed hardware


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