Specialty Mats


When it comes to specialized training or sensory activities for children, our selection of specialty padding is the right place to start. We proudly carry a variety of specialty shapes and sizes of padded skill trainers for all activities. From shapes that lend themselves to gymnastics or other fitness training exercises to children-inspired shapes for sensory play and motor development, these specialty shapes provide the safest solution to training and development.






Climbing Stacking Mats

Giving our children the tools to aid them in the development of key motor skills is of paramount importance to parents and play-inspired facilities. These stackable systems can be used in play areas and allow infants and toddlers the ability to safely climb and they can be easily linked together to build out custom obstacles.


Model Size MSRP Price
CM41226 2' x 2' x 6"  $233 USD / $293 CAD
CM41336 3' x 3' x 6"  $386 USD / $468 CAD 
CM41446 4' x 4' x 6"  $528 USD / $665 CAD
CM41556 5' x 5' x 6"  $760 USD / $957 CAD

Donut & Filler

This versatile option allows for a number of different activities perfect for developing motor skills in children. Used as a pair or individually, the pieces can be used to roll, fit together or jump over. 


Model Size MSRP Price
TF43622 52" Diam. x 18"L $645 USD / $812 CDN (Set)
Filler 25.5" Diam. x 18"L $645 USD / $812 CDN (Set)



Foam Dome

Another versatile option, the foam dome can be used with infants and toddlers or as a development tool for older children getting started in gymnastics. Used for climbing by younger children, this system can also be used by aspiring gymnasts, teaching them proper balance and giving them a safe apparatus on which to stretch.


Model Size MSRP Price
FD4313 43" Diam. x 13"H  $736 USD / $927 CAD
FD6316  63" Diam. x 16" H  $1,604 USD / $2,021 CAD


Fun Barrel

Just as the name suggests, the fun barrel is just that. Used in a variety of different ways, this product is perfect to hide in, roll or toss, while teaching hand-eye coordination, depth perception, balance and motor skills. 


Model Size MSRP Price
BF53238 32" Diam. x 38" $545 USD / $685 CAD


Fun Block

The squared cousin of the Fun Barrel, this block is perfect for climbing, carrying and building new obstacles and challenges for young children. 


Model Size MSRP Price
FB59624 96" x 24" x 3" $174 USD / $219 CAD


Kinder Set

The perfect solution for daycare facilities and other play centres. This complete set comes with multiple pieces and allows you to choose from a variety of fun shapes. The perfect solution for gross-motor active play.


Model Size MSRP Price
Complete Set   One-wave, two-wave, tunnel, block, incline, two-step  $631 USD / $795 CAD


Log & Cradel

Climbing, placement and vaulting are just a few of the activities that can be performed on this unique assortment of specialty foam shape. Place the log in place for vaulting or jumping excercises or remove it to roll, climb and jump over the log on its own.

log-and-cradelLOGS 55 ILD

Model Size MSRP Price
LG51836  18" Diam. x 36"L  $205 USD / $258 CAD
BA52048  20" Diam. x 28"L  
BA52436  24" Diam. x 36"L  
LG52448  24" Diam. x 48"L  $355 USD / $447 CAD
Model Size  MSRP Price
CR54264 42" x 6" x 14" $150 USD / $188 CAD


Available in different heights and widths, this mailbox-shaped accessory is perfect for developing the skills necessary for handsprings, dive rolls and basic skill development.


Model Size MSRP Price
MB51616 16" x 16" x 36" $144 USD / $181 CAD
MB52016 20" x 16" x 36" $179 USD / $225 CAD
MB52418 24" x 18" x 36" $223 USD / $281 CAD
MB52820 28" x 20" x 36" $262 USD / $330 CAD


Similar in nature to the mailbox, these eight-sided shapes are also fantastic for developing basic skills, balance and coordination.


Model Size MSRP Price
OC51524 15" Diam. x 24"L $129 USD / $167 CAD
OC52028 20" Diam. x 28"L $178 USD / $231 CAD
OC52436 24" Diam. x 36"L $262 USD / $340 CAD
OC53036 30" Diam. x 36"L $388 USD / $504 CAD


When it comes to handstand development, there is no better skill trainer on the market today. These shapes are perfect for initial handstand development.


Model Size MSRP Price
RO51520 20" Diam. $159 USD / $200 CAD
RO51532 32" Diam. $335 USD / $422 CAD
RO51536 36" Diam. $425 USD / $535 CAD
RO51540 40" Diam. $491 USD / $618 CAD
RO51542 42" Diam. $573 USD / $721 CAD



These padded stairs are perfect for enhancing motor skill development and can also be used to safely gain access to tall structures such as balance beams and other development tools.


Model Size MSRP Price
DS52422 22" x 24" x 4"  (2 step)  $121 USD / $152 CAD
TS53224 32" x 24" x 21"  (3 step)  $186 USD / $234 CAD



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