Sports Netting




Netting Kit

  • Model 210/30
  • 1” diamond mesh
  • dyed black
  • polyester 
  • U.V. treated
  • Includes 2 panels @ 12’H x 30’L (for both ends)
  • For commercial and residential applications

Pricing: $189 USD / $250 CAD** 

**No substitutions, no other sizes, or a $500 minimum applies 

Flat rate of $45 for shipping in Canada

Sport Systems Canada Inc. is a specialist in the supply & installation of netting for athletic and non-athletic purposes.  Recognizing that no two installations are alike, SSCI offers netting solutions for a wide range of applications including but not limited to: 

  •     Sports barriers / backstops
  •     Arenas
  •     Tennis courts
  •     General safety netting
  •     Baseball batting cages & barriers
  •     Replacement netting
  •     Debris netting
  •     Industrial & material handling

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  • Can be supplied as (1) raw mesh (2) with roped edges or (3) with taped & grommeted edges
  • Used indoors and outdoors (arenas, baseball diamonds, sports fields, soccer facilities) 
  • Netting can be customized to any size allowing for trouble-free installation 
  • Knotless design reduces wind drag and increases both aesthetics and visibility 
  • Rugged U.V. resistant design offers longevity
Model: RN-25040
  • Dyed black, knotless nylon, 2.1mm twine
  • U. V. protected for outdoor use
  • 1/4" sewn in roped border finish
  • 1-7/8" square mesh for baseball (RN-25040B) & 4" mesh for soccer (RN-25040S) 


  • Protective barrier netting for baseball applications & also very popular for hockey or lacrosse
  • The larger 4" mesh can be used for soccer barriers or football applications

Call for pricing. 1-877-600-4667

Model: NHLCM
  • Dyed white or black, U.V. stabilized with fire retardant coating, knotless nylon
  • NHL approved
  • 2.1mm twine, 1-1/2" mesh with 150 lbs. break strength
  • Protective barrier netting for hockey arenas, baseball diamonds, industrial protective netting
  • Often used in municipal applications where high breaking strength may be a requirement

MSRP Price per sq.ft.: 

Roped Border (NHLCMRB): $0.73 USD / $0.97 CAD
Vinyl & Grommets (NHLCMVG): $0.85 USD / $1.12 CAD

*$500 Minimum Applies* N.B.: Any single panel under 750 sq.ft. with vinyl & grommets is an additional $0.22 per sq. ft.

Model: PNMF
  • Clear monofilament, fire retardant
  • NHL approved
  • 1.1mm twine, 1-1/2" mesh with 95 lbs. break strength 


  • Clear protective barrier netting for hockey arenas
  • Used to protect spectators from pucks while still keeping a clear view of the game

MSRP Price per sq.ft.: 

Roped Border (PNMFR): $0.57 USD / $0.75 CAD
No Border (PNMF): $0.49 USD / $0.65 CAD

*$500 Minimum Applies* 

Model: NHLKN 

*NHL Approved Kevlar Spectator Netting*


  • Fire retardant, urethane-coated knotted netting 
  • NHL approved
  • 1.2mm twine, 1-1/2" square mesh with 300 lbs. break strength 


  • Approved spectator netting for use in NHL® facilities

MSRP Price per sq.ft.:

$1.48 USD / $1.96 CAD

*$500 Minimum Applies* 



  • Knotless nylon white, UV treated and fire rated
  • 1.4mm twine, 3" stretch mesh, with 80 lbs. break strength
  • 25' widths only, by any length supplied on diamond only


  • Netting for ceiling applications

MSRP Price per sq.ft.:

$0.36 USD / $0.47 CAD

*$500 Minimum Applies* 

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