Our windscreens provide spectators and participants with refuge from the wind, privacy from the outside world, and shade where and when needed.

Constructed using 100% polypropylene material, these screens provide the perfect mix of esthetically pleasing design and durable performance for your tennis court, baseball field, park, or any other area.

These windscreens are available in either an Open Mesh (OMP), Closed Mesh (CMP), or Vinyl-Coated Polyester (VCP) design and are available in your choice of black or green colouring.


  • Windscreens are available in standard 6’ and 9’ heights and in custom heights by quotation
  • Any screen width is available, however, 60’ is the maximum recommended width per panel
  • Standard 3-ply extra-strong hems are constructed with solid vinyl inserts double sewn to 1-1/2” wide and are standard for Vinyl-Coated Polyester (VCP) and VCP Max™
  • Heavy-duty 4-ply hems are constructed with an 18 oz. vinyl overlay and #2 brass grommets spaced every 12” and are standard for Poly-Pro Plus Premium
  • All hems include #2 brass grommets spaced every 18” top and bottom and every 12” on sides
  • All 9’ screens include a Centre Tab with grommets for anti-billowing installation
  • Optionally, 9’ screens may substitute a Centre Reinforcement Tape (CRT) with grommets that can be laced to the fence

Open Mesh (OMP) 
Model Length MSRP Price
21600 (green) or 21610 (black)
6' $0.78 / sq. ft. USD
$1.03 / sq. ft. CAD

21900T (green) or 21910T (black)
$0.78 / sq. ft. USD
$1.03 / sq. ft. CAD

Closed Mesh (CMP)
Model Length MSRP Price
21650 (green) or 21652 (black)
6' $0.99 / sq. ft. USD
$1.31 / sq. ft. CAD

21950T (green) or 21952T (black)
$0.99 / sq. ft. USD
$1.31 / sq. ft. CAD

Vinyl Coated Polyester (VCP) 
Model Length MSRP Price
21620(green) or 21621 (black)
6' $0.74 / sq. ft. USD
$0.98 / sq. ft. CAD

21920T (green) or 21925T (black)
$0.78 / sq. ft. USD
$1.03 / sq. ft. CAD

* All Models Listed Above Are Available for Customization.  Contact Us Today About Placing Your Logo on a Windscreen * 

Privacy Screen Rolls


An inexpensive solution for athletic fields, dugouts, bleachers, parks and recreation, construction sites/companies or any other location where shade or privacy is desired.

  • 85-90% Knit Raschel
  • 100% High Density Polyethylene
  • Available in Dark Green, Black, Blue, Brown & Beige
  • 4 Year limited warranty

Lightweight material is tear resistant and will not unravel. Privacy screen is UV stabilized and will not fade or deteriorate from natural elements. Material is also resistant to mold and mildew. Purchase by the roll and can be cut on site. Rolls feature reinforced top and bottom sides for attachement to any fence with tie raps. Rolls are also available with reinforced hems and grommets around the perimeter.

Model Size MSRP Price
44" x 150' (4' fence) $140 / Roll USD
$185 / Roll CAD
36928  68" x 150' (6' fence) $170 / Roll USD
$225 / Roll CAD

36932 92" x 150' (8' fence) $231 / Roll USD
$305 / Roll CAD

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