the ultimate graphic logo application

an industry game changer

We have spent the past few years developing a way to bring these colours and images to life with our superior line of athletic equipment and infrastructure.

With thorough research, development, and testing, we have perfected a specialized process that successfully applies graphics to HDPE seats, allowing us to offer stunningly beautiful and durable graphics to our growing clientele.

Apply to new installs

GameDay GraFX can be added to new installations and seat replacements.

Apply to upgrades

Upgrade your existing bleachers with our seats and graphics. 

fits all models

Compatible with any telescopic bleacher manufacturer’s structure.

Design Capabilities

When it comes to digitally adhereing your logo, we want to ensure we have the best files on-hand possible. If your logo is dated or the files are just out of date, our design team will recreate and refresh them as part of the program.

Given the intricate nature of placing logos and graphics on bleacher seats, using the best files possible will ensure a crisp and clear representation of your logo.

Logo Capabilities:

  • Creating update logo files
  • Modernizing current logos
  • Colour correction


Bringing Your Design to Life

We’re with you every step of the way. When it comes to designing the perfect bleacher logo, we’ll ensure your vision is brought to life.

Our engineering team will assess unique details such as:

  • Aisle placement
  • Guardrails
  • Number of logos
  • Any text that is to be placed


Once completed, we deliver a full-scale mock up of your new bleacher complete with new logo(s) that allows the end user to fully visualize their new seating.


“GameDay GraFX is an amazing show of school spirit and we could not be happier with the final product. The color and durability are both fantastic”

– Krista Ronberg, Athletic Director, St. Mark Catholic High School

Why Everyone Loves GameDay GraFX


Custom Design

Create a lasting impression that your students, athletes and faculty will not soon forget.


Digitally Adhered

Thoroughly researched, developed, and tested process available only through GameDay GraFX.


Ultra Durable

Apply stunning, detailed graphics such as logos to HDPE seats.

GameDay Gallery


Basha High School - Chandler, AZ

Frederick Banting High School - London, ON


Enderlin High School - Enderlin, North Dakota


Bishop MacDonell High School - Guelph, ON


Tobique Valley High School - New Brunswick


Tillman Middle School - Phoenix, AZ


Knights Logo - Ottawa, ON


Eastern University - Philadelphia, PA


West Carleton High School - Ottawa


Mitchell Mariners- New England, USA

École catholique Cathédrale - Kingston, ON


St. Mark High School - Ottawa, ON

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