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For the past 40 years, we at Sport Systems have dedicated ourselves to designing, manufacturing and installing industry leading athletic infrastructure and equipment.  Over time, we have fielded thousands of questions from our wonderful clientele and found that time and time again, many of the questions people have when purchasing gymnasium equipment remain the same.

We found that in order to find the right equipment, we typically have to answer the same core group of questions. 

You’ll find them below along with the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here’s a quick selection of some of the most common questions we field on a daily basis.

Why do I need a Gym Floor Cover?

Gym floor covers are very good a protecting your investment and maximizing your revenue…Read article

When choosing the proper gym floor cover, consider what types of events you will be hosting and the frequency of which you intend to use your gym floor cover. Trade shows, school dances and other events that require tables and chairs require a thick and durable floor cover. Sport Systems’ gym floor covers are all vinyl-coated polyester reinforced fabric, fire retardant and Phthalate free, making them the toughest and most durable gym floor cover on the market today…Read article

Repeated folding leaves your gym floor cover with permanent creases, causing it to no longer lay flat on the ground. Sport Systems has responded to its customers by offering an industry-leading portable rack system.  Not only does this racking system enable storage of up to 10,000 sq.ft. of cover in a mere 3′ x 12′ footprint, it ensures the cover will never be susceptible to creasing when stored for prolonged periods of time.  This aesthetically-pleasing unit also promotes rapid deployment and roll-up of your gym floor cover, saving your operational staff time and money. 

Our selection of gym floor covers are easy to clean and maintain. We recommend always sweeping or brushing off debris using a broom or dry mop and cleaning your cover with standard industrial cleaning solutions after each use.

Most gym floor cover systems comprise of multiple pieces allowing your gymnasium some versatility when covering your floor…Read article

We manufacture custom-designed storage racks for use with gym floor covers.  These racks can easily be moved around and safely store your cover, protecting it from damage…Read article

Yes!  As our business has evolved so too have our requests for customized floor covers for use in fitness facilities and training centres.  Our sand bag dragging protection system is the perfect fit for military and enforcement training programs and is also used for sled pulls and other exercises in CrossFit Gyms and fitness facilities…Read article

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