Gym Floor Covers

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Gym Floor Covers and Gym Floor Cover Accessories.

A gym floor is a costly investment and one that should last for years when paired with the proper maintenance program.  Adding a gym floor cover to your floor’s maintenance program is a guaranteed way to add years to the life of your gym floor.  Our covers are all designed using the industry’s best heavy-duty vinyl and are cut to your exact specifications ensuring the perfect fit.  We also carry a wide range of accessories and products that are perfectly paired with your gym floor cover including storage solutions, seam tape and power winders.

Power Winders

Saving time and energy, a power winder is a useful addition to your gym floor cover.  These winders easily, quickly and safely roll up your cover. 

This product comes backed by a lifetime warranty and decreases the manpower needed to roll and store your cover.

Seam Tape & Seam Tape Applicators

The Maple Floor Manufacturers Association does not recommend the use of masking, theatrical, construction, electrical, duct or any other adhesive tapes found on the market today. The reasoning is simple; it is highly likely that the tape, when removed, will peel away layers of the floor’s surface finish.

Take gym floor protection to another level with our specially formulated seam tape, allowing you to easily secure multiple pieces of cover together or to the surface without the risk of residue, spills and other harmful activities.  This tape can be applied manually by hand or in tandem with one of our seam tape applicators.  These applicators feature rubber wheels for easy movement and take the back-breaking labour out of applying seam tape when preparing for an event requiring the use of your gym floor cover.

Gym Floor Cover Storage Racks

As with any facility, storage can sometimes be an issue.  Given the large size of a gym floor cover, storing them can sometimes be daunting or in some cases, impossible.  These wheeled storage racks are the perfect solution to those with limited space, but are also great for those with ample space.  Each storage rack can store up to 10,000 square feet of cover in a 3’ x 12’ space. 

A storage rack allows the cover to be stored within the confines of the gymnasium or easily moved to alternate storage locations in your facility or grounds.   We also have created custom-designed storage systems that can be rolled underneath a stage or other low-ceiling surface or mounted on a wall.  

Gym Floor Covers

We carry two varieties of gym floor cover, although as with most of our products, customization is always an option for each and every unique design and situation.  Our heavy-duty floor cover is built using 22oz of vinyl coated polyester reinforced fabric per square yard.  This cover is perfect for those with only occasional needs of floor protection experiencing moderate foot traffic, table and chair use.  Our heavy-duty gym floor cover is suited best for those who plan to use the cover 10 to 15 times in a calendar year.

Our other option is an ultra heavy-duty cover, using 33oz of vinyl coated polyester reinforced fabric per square yard, offering the very best in overall protection.  This floor cover is best suited to those facilities in which a gym doubles as a sporting and event venue where foot traffic and table and chair use is heavy.  These covers are rated for use of 24 times or more per calendar year and come with a 7-year limited warranty.  Contact a member of our sales team today to find out more, or to place your next order.

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