Single Post Wall-Braced Stationary Ceiling Hung Basketball Backstop


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Protect the life of flooring during basketball games with straight post ceiling hung backstops. Customized to a facility building design, the ceiling hung backstop features direct goal attachment for optimal backboard strength and performance. Approved for competition play, the 3115 steel clamped non-folding structure provides maximum clearance for facilities with ceilings heights between 18' and 31' allowing up to 14' face of backboard.

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  • Straight post rear-braced front-folding unit provides ultimate stability with maximum clearance over the court
  • This unit can be used at heights from 18' to 30''
  • 6 5/8" O.D. (.156" wall thickness) main mast
  • 2 3/8" O.D. heavy gauge diagonal braces to prevent sway
  • Large diameter post provides greater strength
  • Precision die-cut horizontal braces allow for full contact welds
  • Offset hinge keeps center of gravity behind the pivot point
  • Easy folding
  • Easy installation and relatively maintenance free operation

Direct Goal Attachment:

  • Transfers stress through the backboard directly to the support structure
  • Provides unsurpassed stability and rigidity
  • Adjustability allows for exact plumbing of backboards
  • Insures the installer always has the proper direct goal attachment

Ajustable Hangers:

  • Approximately 5" of adjustability for easy installation & precise leveling of the backstop
  • All welded construction at heights up to 28'
  • Clamped units can be provided at any height above 28'
  • CONTACT for information on welded frames above 28'
  • Backstops conform to the latest regulations for all levels of competition

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