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Seat the Masses: Sport Systems Bleacher Configurations Guarantee to Meet Your Needs.

Perhaps one of the most compelling elements of any sporting event is the noise and excitement created by the spectators and fans. A large part of our business involves designing and manufacturing seating solutions to house avid fan bases using safe and dependable guidelines. 

Our bleachers are located at municipal sports fields and facilities, universities and professional sports venues. From simple seating solutions such as 4-tiered bleachers to large scale grandstand seating designed to seat the masses, trust our expertise in creating a bleacher seating solution tailor-made for your facility or organization. 

Bleacher Accessibility

In addition to safety, accessibility is always top of mind for facility operators when planning a bank of bleacher seating. In addition to the seating structures, our design team implements points of accessibility such as ramps, handrails, guardrails, landings, stairs and additional consideration for spectators who are visually impaired.

Arena Bleachers

We design, manufacture and install a number of arena bleachers each year. Our angle frame aluminum bleachers are a great choice for indoor arenas, giving the facility a long-lasting and durable seating solution for their spectators.

These bleachers are completely customizable, often designed around obstructions such as benches and penalty boxes and can be installed complete with bench, seat pan or chair seating types, depending on the unique needs of your arena.

Courtside Seating

Jack Nicholson and other celebrities use this type of seating during home games featuring their favourite professional basketball teams. Now your facility can utilize our courtside seating chairs to add a level of prestige to your upcoming sporting events. These chairs are constructed with an 18-gauge galvanized steel frame, built to withstand the weight of even the largest of professional athletes.

These courtside chairs are not strictly used in basketball applications and can be used in locker rooms and for outside events such as fundraisers and pep rallies. Each chair is customizable allowing you to use your team or school colours and/or to corporately brand them with your logo.

Pool Bleachers

The rise in popularity of aquatic sports has made way for our organization to effectively design bleachers for use in high-humidity environments such as pools and aquatic centres. Our pool bleachers are constructed using a galvanized steel understructure and polyethylene-contoured seat modules, built to withstand corrosion.

Perhaps the most notable feature of our pool bleachers is their retractable functionality. These bleachers are 100% retractable, meaning they can easily fold up when not in use, opening up additional space on your pool deck for times when spectator seating is not necessary.

Grandstand Bleachers

Our grandstand bleachers are used in high-capacity sports fields and outdoor facilities, providing our largest scale seating solution. The tough, durable and long-lasting I-Beam design of our grandstands allows them to easily withstand the weight of thousands of fans and are completely customizable with regards to accessibility, seating capacity and decking.

This unique design allows for usable space located below the bleacher structure, giving you space for storage or concessions for increased revenue for your operation.



Outdoor Bleachers

Our standard outdoor bleachers are manufactured with aluminum decking and seating to give your facility the most durable option for outdoor seating. When compared with existing wooden bleachers which often are in need of replacement and updating, aluminum bleachers reduce the maintenance schedule required of outdated bleachers.

Players Benches & Team Benches

Our aluminum team benches are the choice of many athletic programs and sports teams across North America. Our benches are available in a number of configurations completely dependent on your location and team needs. Our outdoor benches can be permanently installed in the ground where possible or equipped with surface-mount brackets, perfect for installation on concrete slabs.

We also carry a line of portable benches that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. These benches are easily carried by two able-bodied people from location to location giving your facility added versatility for your team seating needs.

All benches we manufacture are available with or without backrests and are completely customizable when the need arises.

Press Boxes & Suites

In addition to our grandstand bleacher design, we also compliment our product line with press boxes equipped with customized interiors, rooftop filming and viewing platforms, as well as electrical and data raceways.

Our press boxes are typically very custom in design and can be used as part of either a grandstand or a standalone angle-frame bleacher structure.

Scoring Tables

Our scoring tables are a portable solution to facilitate the need for scoring and announcing for any indoor or outdoor sports event or other activity. Constructed like our bleachers, they feature a steel understructure and aluminum table top and are available in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of your sports field or facility.

Telescopic Bleachers

If you manage, own, or operate a multi-function facility, telescopic bleachers give you the very best of both worlds. These innovative bleachers are perhaps the most versatile seating system your facility will ever use.

These retractable bleachers easily fold up when not in use, opening up the available floor space for other events when seating is not entirely necessary. Our telescopic bleachers come in either a bench or chair style and can be customized with your school or team colours.

Tip and Roll Bleachers

Just as the name suggests, these bleachers can easily be tipped up on their side and rolled to and from various locations around your facility. Each bleacher unit easily fits through a standard-sized doorway and is equipped with caster brakes for when the unit is in storage.

When your facility has nominal spectator seating needs, tip and roll bleachers give you the flexibility of bleacher seating on demand!

Transportable Bleachers

Bleacher seating banks of a certain size can become a cumbersome structure, particularly to those facilities with larger grounds. Adding transportable bleachers to your seating selection gives you the ability to move and reconfigure your bleacher seating whenever the need arises.

These bleachers are easily hitched to any maintenance vehicle such as a truck, van or tractor for quick and easy relocation. We also offer a retrofit service, wherein we can typically outfit your existing bleacher seating with tow kits, giving them another level of versatility.


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